River to the Sea

This program introduces students to estuaries: What is an estuary? Are all estuaries alike? Why are estuaries important? How do we study estuaries? How do estuaries impact my life? Monitoring estuaries allow scientists to observe trends and changes in an ecosystem. Through this hands on learning program, BBEMA will provide local school students the opportunity to learn about PEI’s biologically rich and economically important estuaries – this program provides the resources and curriculum based teaching materials for elementary, middle and high school students(grades 6-10) . School groups will learn about estuaries in the classroom then conduct field trips to a local estuary where they will be the scientists – monitoring, collect and analyze data to observe and follow the condition of the estuary. Focusing on marine ecological the curriculum modules feature hands-on learning, experiments, field work and data explorations. Using basic scientific equipment and teaching materials, this program gives youth the chance to observe the natural environment of an estuary, analyze some of the water’s parameters (Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, pH) sample aquatic vegetation, identify and count the species of fish/crustaceans living in the estuary, monitor for invasive species and discover the challenges associated with the conservation of a healthy marine ecosystem.

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