Get To Know BioBlitz

‘Bio’ means ‘life’ and ‘Blitz’ means ‘to do something quickly and intensively’. Together they make ‘BioBlitz’, a collaborative race against the clock to discover as many species of plants, animals and fungi as possible, within a set location, over a defined time period.

It is an informal and fun way to create a snapshot of the variety of life that can be found in an area. It provides an opportunity for participants to learn together and share their expertise and enthusiasm for nature. This is a great way of breaking down barriers to engagement with science and raising awareness of the role of biological recording. It also gives the public an opportunity to contribute to a genuine scientific survey.

BBEMA’s Get to Know BioBlitz is a youth-friendly event that uses science, exploration and creative activities to help young people develop their understanding and appreciation of nature.

On June 4th 2019 BBEMA will be partnering with 25 grade eight  science students from Summerside Intermediate School for a fun filled day of outdoor exploration as they tried their hand at species identification while learning about the plants and animals around them. This years BioBlitz location is Heather Moyse Park in Summerside.

If your class is interested in participating in one of BBEMA’s BioBlitz’s please contact the BBEMA Climate Change Projects Coordinator.


Did You Know?….The International Day of Biodiversity is May 22nd?

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