BBEMA Frog Friends

This project partners with school groups (grades 2 to 8) to adopt, monitor and enhance important amphibian habitats across the island.

Students will be partnered with landowners (rural /urban) to adopt, monitor and enhance important amphibian habitats. The program includes: in-class sessions (amphibian life cycle, ecosystem importance, PEI species etc.) and school field trips to amphibian habitat sites (pond, stream, creek, marshes etc.).

The program will involve students completing 2 field trips per year:
First (Early Spring) – half day – to conduct site eco-system health assessments: monitor water quality, Macroinvertebrate identification, collect amphibian eggs (frog, salamander)
Second (Late Spring) – half day – to release the raised amphibians back into the wetland that the eggs were collected from, and to conduct enhancement plantings of the riparian habitat adjacent to the wetland (optional field trip)

Students will collect amphibian eggs (frog, salamander). The students will be provided with an aquarium, water filter and cooling unit so they can raise amphibians in their own classroom and watch as they transform through their lifecycle. Once they reach the final stage the students will release their amphibians back into wetlands sites that they have been monitoring.

The BBEMA Climate Change Coordinator will assist teachers and students with all classroom, lab and field activities.

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