Congrats to a Successful Event!!!

Historic Ice Pond – Lobster Carnival BBEMA Family Day            

Sincere thanks to the BBEMA ED, Tracy Brown and the BBEMA staff for their wonderful effort, in headlining the BBEMA Historic Ice Pond in the Summerside Lobster Carnival 2023. The dedication, expertise and creativity of these folks is second to none. A shout out as well to the BBEMA board members, who volunteered their entire day helping out, especially Alex Foy and Chad Quigley. All of this was evident in the caliber of activities and prizes awarded.

Several sister organizations at BBEMA’s invitation set up expedition booths that were very well attended by the public. The natural beauty that is proliferating at the Ice Pond due to BBEMA’s restorative efforts was by far the greatest drawing card. The watershed community has benefited a great deal, by taking in planned events at “the pond” during all seasons. The Historic Ice Pond is well used by the public, engaging in nature and all the pond has to offer from mature gardens, trails, and quiet resting areas. Once again to all involved, a job well done!  

Bonnie Rogerson (BBEMA Board of Directors)

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