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The Marchbank’s Pond Restoration Committee has been formed under  the Bedeque Bay Environmental Management Association (BBEMA) to help make improvements to Marchbank’s Pond, Wilmot River, Prince Edward Island. 

Marchbank’s Pond is a pond located in Wilmot Valley, in Prince County and is one of Prince Edward Island’s premier community fishing spots.  Whether you’re bait casting, fly fishing or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good, so grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to Marchbank’s Pond, all are welcome.

Marchbank’s Pond dam was built in the early 1800’s and has undergone numerous repairs and modifications over the years. It actually washed out in the early 1940’s and had to be rebuilt, and more recently it came close to breaching several years ago during the spring runoff. Currently, the water level in the pond is 18-24 inches lower than it should be due primarily to eroding sandstone bedrock at the mouth of the spillway. Before we make any modifications to regulate the water level in the pond, reinforcing the dam to allow for an increased water level and for future rain/climate change related events is a priority.

The first project target goal is to enhance the structural integrity of the existing dam structure and to modify the end of the dam to allow for improved overflow through the spillway. We have a licensed watershed/environmental contractor confirmed and scheduled to begin work in August 2021. The financial cost for this project has been defined and we are actively pursuing funding sources in addition to initiating fundraising activities to secure the necessary funds. We have a tight time frame, but it is certainly within reach.

The Committee have identified several other follow up enhancement projects for the pond (and surrounding area) including improving fish passage, controlling the water level in the pond, excavating the pond (or parts of it), adding a bypass channel below the dam (for overflow redirection), adding a draw down structure (above ground) and building a Nature trail. These projects are of course contingent on provincial and/or federal government approval and in the case of the Nature Trail, approval from local landowners as well.

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