Water Quality Monitoring

Of all the resources that seem important to us on this planet; food, aluminums, gold, oil – none of them compare to water – without water, life in all its forms would cease to exist

BBEMA is partnering with local watershed groups, community members and landowners to create a surface and groundwater monitoring network – assisting volunteers to monitor local streams, and wells for nitrates and other parameters. Through these programs, we are working to increase awareness of surface and groundwater issues – thereby improving public involvement in management efforts through community participation, outreach and education.

BBEMA summer staff conduct quality analysis and parameter testing on water samples from local streams – summer 2012

BBEMA is currently monitoring a number of streams within the Bedeque Bay Watershed – please click on the below map to see the current water quality monitoring sites

Cabin Points

If you (or your group) would like to participate in one of these programs or are interested in getting some water quality testing done, would like to book BBEMA water quality monitoring equipment or lab space – please contact us at the BBEMA office.

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