Historic Ice Pond Restoration Phase 3

Now that the historic 125 yr old Heritage Ice Pond itself has been restored and fish access enhanced through the newly build fish ladder – BBEMA will be moving onto the third phase of this great project.

The successful rehabilitation of the this historic pond (and surrounding greenspace) offers both historic and intrinsic social value to the community of Summerside. Our long term goal is to manage/enhance this historical site, not only as a reserve for wildlife, but also as a source of cultural ecosystem services: nature and interpretation trails, natural fishing area, winter recreational opportunities and most importantly youth living lab education opportunities.

In the coming months BBEMA will be continuing our site restorations efforts to include: a community park with connecting paths to form an easily accessible “pondwalk”. BBEMA will be partnering with community and youth groups to cut/develop a walking trail that encircles the pond with interpretation signage along the trail to highlight: the history of the pond, native wildlife, celebrate the partnership of community partners etc. Ongoing restoration plans for this green space will incorporate the selective planting large native trees (Red Maple and Red Oak), native flowering shrubs, a native heritage garden, pollinator gardens and Monarch waystations. The trail will include the placement of benches and/or picnic tables for community members, the installment of wildlife structure: bird houses, butterfly houses, wood duck boxes, bat houses and 2 wheelchair accessible fishing platforms.

But we can’t do all this without your help!! Please visit BBEMA’s Go Fund Me Campaign and help us create an amazing nature park for the residents of Summerside.

Did you know: presently the Historic Ice Pond is the only inner-city source of recreational fishing available to Summerside residents – yet few people fished there …that is all about to change. BBEMA is looking to create a yearly community festival/fishing derby to promote recreational use of the pond and new community park area.

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