Wildlife Field Technician

BBEMA is currently looking to hire a Wildlife Field Technician – the position is a full time contract position from July 6 to December 18 2020

$16.50/hr x 37.5 hrs/week

Job Description

Job Duties to include:
Conducting ecological monitoring protocols: stream habitat index assessments (water quality chemistry analysis, macro-invertebrate index, in-situ stream probes)
Marine monitoring for micro-plastics, Nutrients and Coliform in Summerside Harbor
Conducting species monitoring (migratory fish way, Monarch butterfly tagging, invasive species)
Conducting in-stream fish habitat restoration, riparian zone restoration, pollinator habitat restoration.
Conducting GPS aerial drone habitat assessment surveys, ground proofing surveys
Coordinating environmental programs with agricultural growers, landowners and industry partners – Liaising with landowners to enhance biodiversity within urban/agricultural landscapes ( targeting wildlife corridors, pollinator habitats, migratory songbird nesting habitats)..
Field data collection and entry (maintain, organize, and enter field data on tablets/computers)
Office work will involve entering field data using Excel and online data portal, creating maps, completing field report, and coordinating field schedule with team members.

Candidate Requirements
This position has the following requirements of the applicant – to qualify, you must be:

• unemployed, student or underemployed – graduated from a post-secondary program in a STEM related field
• 30 years or younger when you started the internship
• Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person granted refugee status in Canada
• Not receiving employment insurance during internship

Qualifications/Desired Attributes:

• Undergraduate degree or diploma in environmental science, ecological, biological or wildlife science
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to work effectively independently and with a team
• Positive attitude and passion for environmental sustainability
• Proven time management skills and the ability to take initiative
• Experience in field research and community engagement is considered an asset.

Please forward Resumes to tracy@bbema.ca – Job Application closing date June 30 2020.

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