Generation Conservation

BBEMA has partnered with Maritime Electric to offer the Generation Conservation Program –  designed to help Island residents (teachers, students – and their families) learn how to conserve the electrical energy they use in their daily lives. 

The program offers an opportunity for hands on investigation, media literacy and cross-curricular connections and consists of three lesson plans developed around energy conservation that are consistent with the Physical Science: Electricity in Grade 6 “Electrical Energy Consumption and Conservation” curriculum.

Lessons are interactive and include cross curricular connections to language arts, mathematics and social studies.  The program offers in class presentation that introduce students to understanding energy consumption, identify factors and activities that would help conserve energy in the home and school and how this helps to protect the environment, assist students/parents to track their personal household energy use through a take home audit that will monitor the energy used by the students/parents/guardians.

If your school group is interested in participating in BBEMA’s Generation Conservation Program, please contact the BBEMA office to speak to BBEMA”s Environmental Education Coordinator – this program is supplied in the classroom (in co-operation with teachers) during the months of March through to May.

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