Summer Field Crew 2021

Another busy summer field season has come and gone. BBEMA’s Executive Director and Board of Directors would like to send a big shout out and Thank You!! to our dedicated 2021 field crew. As a result of this great field crew, this summer BBEMA completed several major environmental sustainability projects including

Phase 1 Restoration Project on the dam at Marchbanks Pond

Stream enhancement on 12 kms of stream within the Wilmot and Dunk Rivers,

Planting of 2000 native trees/shrubs and over 1000 Swamp Milkweed plants

Microplastics monitoring in the Summerside Harbor (surrounding beaches),

Stream and estuary water quality assessments,

Macro-invertebrate and Invasive Species monitoring,

The release of 5000 Brook Trout fingerlings within our streams.

Additionally, Summer of 2021 allowed BBEMA to hold more educational events such as community beach sweeps, Atlantic Salmon fish releases with school groups, estuary monitoring demonstrations, worm charming and races, arts and crafts with our local Daycare Groups.  In July, BBEMA hosted its 29th BBEMA Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) held at the Emerald Community center. The event was open to the public and BBEMA was joined by board members, volunteers, and staff.

BBEMA 2021 field crew from L to R..

David Allan – Environmental Projects Head Coordinator

Coordinator Chad Quigley – Habitat Enhancement Coordinator

Meagan Moynagh – Climate Change Projects Coordinator

Sarah Meister – Wildlife Technician Intern

Sophia Dalton – Wildlife Technician Intern

Kayla Hill – Wildlife Technician Intern

Alec Jardine – Wildlife Technician Intern

BBEMA’s 2021 Field Season

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