Wings of Hope Campaign

BBEMA is offering family members the opportunity to release tagged Monarch butterflies as a unique, symbolic and personal way to honor a loved one, celebrate a special friendship or commemorate the passing of a family member.

Be a part of one of the most remarkable natural events on the planet!  Join BBEMA in our “Wings of Hope” campaign as we celebrate BBEMA’s Monarch Watch Butterfly Tagging Program.  “Wings of Hope” combines service and remembrance to help honor loved ones or celebrate “Life Changing events”

Through this program each memorial butterfly purchased will be tagged and released (summer of 2015) – participants will receive a gift certificate and an individual butterfly tag code and information from Monarch Watch after the release so you can track if and when the butterfly is found.  For more info on BBEMA’s Monarch tagging program please visit the Monarch Teachers Network page on our website.

Give the gift of nature: $25.00 for 1 Monarch or $50 for 3 Monarchs – to order and register your Monarch contact BBEMA at 902-886-3211 or 902-886-3211 All funds received will go towards protecting monarch and butterfly habitats across Prince Edward Island.

Why Monarchs??

Each year approximately 180-280 million Monarchs from the U.S. and Canada begin a 3,200 km migration to Mexico. In the spring the Monarch offspring return to PEI.  While the butterfly is not in danger of extinction, its unique multigenerational migration spanning the continent is now recognized as an “endangered biological phenomenon” worldwide.  Conservation efforts require education, outreach and community member cooperation due to threats to the butterflies’ habitats throughout the flyway – logging, development, and agriculture are the most serious threats to monarch – migration success depends upon the availability of a wide range of habitats in Canada, Mexico and the U.S.

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